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Dawn On My Mind

Dawn On My Mind is a collection of poems through which the author seeks to ‘hold a reasoning’ with you, the reader.

Williams shares his thoughts about life and living in a way that is simple, generous and honest.

The range of subjects that he broaches is diverse; nature, life, humour, romance are a few and the pieces are captivating from start to finish.

The use of literary devices is quite successful as they creatively express what is on his mind.

The simple style but deep message that each poem conveys, work well, as they do not lend themselves to over-interpretation.



Author: Winroy O. Williams
Price: US$19.21*
ISBN# 9781449041304

Olympic Gardens

By the time Roderick Brissett learns that he is being shipped away from his rural family home to live with his aunt in the city, it is too late for a reprieve.

His mother’s decision came without questions or answers. Roderick’s youth is tested under the most adverse conditions. It is within the abyss of such harsh realities that he must find strength and seek some semblance of joy that will help him to survive, grow, and find his place in the world.


Author: Andrene Bonner
Price: US$18.51*


Usain Bolt My Story 9.58

Usain Bolt My Story 9.58 is about a skinny kid from the parish of Trelawny, where they harvest the best yams in the world.

It’s about growing up playing cricket and football in the warm Jamaican sun, then discovering that he could run fast, very fast. It’s about family, friends and the laid-back Jamaican culture.

It’s about Auntie Lily’s pork and dumplings and Dad’s grocery store in the sleepy village of Sherwood Content.

It’s about what makes him tick, where he gets his motivation and where he takes his inspiration.

It’s about the highs and the lows, the dedication and sacrifices required to get to the top, It’s about fast food, partying, dancehall music, fast cars and that lightning bolt pose. It’s about radiating sport’s biggest smile.

This is the story of the fastest man on the planet.


Price: US$23.29*
ISBN# 9789766375232

If love's so nice, why does it hurt?

This book is an absolute requirement for women, men and concerned fathers to give their sisters, daughters and friends before they ask...
"if love's so nice, why does it hurt?"

this book specifically speaks abouthuman values and addresses good and bad choices women make in relationships. Men should read it as a mirror revealing their reflection from a woman's perspective and also as a soul-searching barometer of their emotional health.

Here is a book that gives women options, choices and highlights possible outcomes of their relationships, with men that may be wonderful, or may display telltale signs that reveal a man to be other that what was expected.

Price: US$21.54*
ISBN# 9789768217899

  Books For Children

Pieces of the Past:
A Stroll Down Jamaica's Memory Lane

Pieces of the Past is the exploration of Jamaica's rich history and cuture. The stories range from the reminiscences of service in World War II to the exploration of place names and proverbs.

Author: Rebecca Tortello

Paperback -
Price: US$29.99
ISBN# 978-976-637-268-2

Hardback -
Price: US$45.00
ISBN# 978-976-637-301-6


Merry Jamaican Christmas
Detailed, imaginative, and highly visual, this book is a must for children who love family gatherings, while parents and teachers will treasure it for its fun educational approach to learning about Jamaica’s cultural heritage.”

Author: Al Campbell
Price: US$25.00*
ISBN# 976-610-4727

The Runnings
" A murderous political conflict has escalated to explosive proportions and Brandon Chong Is caught in the middle. He was to be a pawn in their deadly game but under-estimating him may be their undoing. Brandon will not go quietly and he will stop at nothing to save himself and the women in his life. But if he is to succeed he will have to become more ruthless than his pursuers".

Author: David N. Wong-Ken
ISBN: 976-8192-04-6

Anancy Mek It
This Collection of Children's Bedtime stories, written by Peter-Paul Zahl, German born Children's author for over 25 years and winner of the 1980 Literature Award of the Free and Hansetown of Bremen, Germany. Zahl's novels capture the wider appeal of the folklore character, "Anancy"

Author: Peter-Paul Zahl
ISBN# 9768184345
Price: US$12.20
History & Culture History
Encyclopedia of Jamaican Heritage
This unique sourcebook runs the gamut from ABENG to ZOMBI with nearly 1000 entries and more than 700 illustrations as it explores the various strands of Jamaican Heritage: PEOPLE from all the ethnic and racial groups including the pre-Columbian.

Author: Olive Senior
ISBN: 9768007141
Price: US$73.70
Spanish Jamaica

"In 1494, Christopher Columbus' exploratory travels brought him to the island of Jamaica. His arrival represented the beginning of the Spanish history of Jamaica, a history which, although spanning more than a full century and a half, was destined to remain largely in obscurity.

ISBN# 9766371466

Price: US$26.35
Travel Health

A Tapestry Of Jamaica (The Best Of Skywritings)

"An anthology of the best writing, photography and illustration from 30 years of publishing SkyWritings, Air Jamaica's Inflight Magazine."

ISBN#: 1405011890

An Ounce of Prevention
(New & Natural Ways To Prevent Common Health Problems)

Dr. Vendryes strongly promotes prevention and healthy lifestyles through his popular weekly radio programme, newspaper column and through various health and wellness lectures, seminars and workshops.
Author: Dr. Anthony Vendryes
ISBN: 976-610-446-8
Price: US$30.00

Other New Arrivals

Ladies JamaicaLadies Jamaican
"This is the exciting story of three divergent personalities with different backgrounds and skin tones. All are lost in the murky fogs that ruled their lives, shadowing their self-respect, independence and values. [more]

Author: Carolyn Foster
Price: US$14.10


Miss Lou's books
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Lawd … Di Riddim Sweet

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Aunty Roachy Seh

Price: US$13.00

Anancy & Ms. Lou


Jamaica Labrish


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